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Sign Language Phrases

Sign language is something which is used as a means of communication between people who are hard of hearing or deaf and cannot speak. They use hand signals, facial expressions, gestures, etc to effectively communicate with each other or with people of other nationalities or regions. Sometimes, sign languages are also used by people who are not disabled. For example in instances where they cannot talk aloud such as in places of religious worship, in hospitals, in public libraries, in a recording studio or during hunting, people […]

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Sign Language Interpreter

A sign language is a complete and comprehensive language of its own. It is not just some gestures which are random and used to convey a meaning. Sign language also has a set of grammar rules to go by. This language is mainly used by people who are hearing and speech handicapped. People who are normal also sometimes use sign languages to communicate in places where they cannot talk aloud like in places of worship, when they are under water, when they are out hunting or when […]

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