Sign Language Phrases

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Sign language is something which is used as a means of communication between people who are hard of hearing or deaf and cannot speak. They use hand signals, facial expressions, gestures, etc to effectively communicate with each other or with people of other nationalities or regions.

Sometimes, sign languages are also used by people who are not disabled. For example in instances where they cannot talk aloud such as in places of religious worship, in hospitals, in public libraries, in a recording studio or during hunting, people resort to using sign languages.

Sign languages have a set of rules just as any other language. These rules include the grammar. Sign languages vary depending on the area and country. Sign languages are not very popular even though they are easy and fun to learn especially for people who speak English or know the English language. With a little dedication you can actually be fluent in various Sign language phrases and converse fluently.

The various types of sign language include the American Sign Language, the British sign language, Finger spelling, pidgin sign language, Signed English, etc. The American Sign Language is very different from spoken English and uses various sign language phrases to convey meaning.

Various inflections are provided with the use of movement of the palm, expressions of the face and gestures. This form of communication has been in existence for ages now. Finger spelling is another variation. Though this looks simple it is very challenging. This form uses the alphabets and spells out words and sign language phrases. Though it is quite cumbersome and frustrating it effectively conveys the meaning to the listener. This is different from the American Sign Language in the sense that it spells out words whereas the ASL spells out the sign language phrases.

The signed English variation is in between the finger spelling and American Sign Language. It combines word gestures and single words to convey meaning. This variation is more effective for forming sign language phrases.

The pidgin sign English does not follow a set rule. It is a fluid form of sign language which is used by a lot of people. They use any gesture or expression which they think will convey the message effectively. There are no strict rules or technicalities that govern this variation of the sign language.

Forming sign language phrases using the hand shapes is quite effective. For example in order to form the phrase “merry Christmas” you have to touch the chest with circular movements with one or both hands flat. This conveys happy feelings. The right C hand is then moved in a sideways arc to the right with the palm facing upwards. To fully comprehend the meaning, lip reading should simultaneously be followed.

For the phrase “I love you”, the right hand has to be held up while the palm faces forward. You have to then extend the index, little and thumb finger. This way the letters I, L and Y are combined to generate and convey meaning.

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